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artWork by Clemente

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Clemente Art Series

Adam & Eve


Though based on the Bible story of the first man and woman, the Adam & Eve Series continues to draw inspiration, exploring ideas of temptation, good and evil, lust, and love.

Les Berberes


The tribes who wander the Maghreb region,  from Morocco to Libya are known as Les Berberes. This Series shows the intricate beauty of North African Nomadic customs.

Les Africains


 Stemming from childhood roots, Les Africains Series is a celebration of tradition. This series is inspired by the details and colors of the culture.

Les Musiciens


Art is often driven by the inspiration of music. Through the colors and paint strokes on the canvas, Les Musicians Series invite audiences to be moved, and maybe even sway to their beat.  



 This Series highlights the history behind the men in costume: courage; commitment; perseverance. All these characteristics  encompass the integrity of the warrior:  

The Samurai 

Fantasia, Polo, & Rodeo


 The horse symbolizes strength, loyalty, and freedom. These three series are all inspired by horses: Fantasia Series is inspired by Berbere horse celebrations; Polo came from the beauty of the sport;  Rodeo came from the music of Aaron Copeland. 



 Love is our greatest motivation. We strive to nurture and give love to those around us. Our heart drives our passions and is the moving force of peace. 

La Ronde & Tango


 This series represents the beauty of dance and joy of life. La Ronde and Tango series represent people coming together, in harmony with the rhythm of each other and the world around them. 

Arabseque & Barbouillage


 Claude DeBussy's classical composition "Arabesque" was the main inspiration of the Arabesque and Barbouillage Series. These Series  represent the segue and breakthrough of artistic style, leaving traditional behind and flowing into a more modern and abstract style. 

Floral, Landscape, & Personage


 These Series represent the roots of Clemente's art style. Somewhat indicative of what people wanted as art,  the Floral, Landscape and Personage Series show a much more traditional style of art. 

Oil on Paper


Many of these pieces go hand in hand with a particular series, or represent a new experiment or technique. Some are even more important because they are studies for a new series and become the basis for what will come next.

Other Series


These Series are the product of every day inspiration, passing whims, and studies. Though these series are small, they are still precious in their own way.